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The Pet Salon in Long island NY
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Full Service Groom

Price based on breed, size & coat

At The Pet Salon we take pride in the quality of our hair cuts and we love what we do! A full service groom includes a hair cut of your choice, a bath, nail cutting and ear cleaning.

Full Service Bath

Price based on breed, size & coat

We will make your fur baby squeaky clean! A full service bath includes a bath, nail cutting and ear cleaning.

Odor/DeSkunk Treatment


A special shampoo to eliminate that horrible smell of whatever it is that your dog rolled in!

Flea & Tick Itch Relief Treatment


This bath treatment gets rid of those pesky fleas and ticks on your dog or cat! We also use a special shampoo to sooth your pets skin. Ask us for more info to prevent fleas and ticks in the future!

Anal Gland Expression

$20.00 (included with full service bath or groom)

If your dog is "scooting", biting at his butt or has a strong fishy odor coming from that area, he could need his anal glads expressed. Ask us for more information.

Blueberry Facial

Complimentary with full service bath or groom!

Naturally exfoliating and hydrating facial that does not irritate eyes. Removes tear and beard stains. Also gets rid of strong odors from ears or eyes!

The Shed Stopper

Small $15.00, Medium $20.00, Large $28.00

A very in depth bath with de-shedding shampoo & conditioner, blow out with a high velocity power dryer and 30 minutes brush out. As well as teeth brushing and nail filing.

Hot Oil Treatment


This skin and coat revitalizing treatment replenishes the hair and skin with natural oils. It Eliminates dandruff, dry skin and restores softness to the coat.

Milk and Honey Spa


Filled with natural milk proteins, pure bee's honey and vitamins to promote soft, silky and extra shiny coat. Milk & Honey shampoo and conditioning treatment. Teeth brushing and nail filing included!

Scented Spa Package


A scented shampoo & conditioner of your choice, as well as teeth brushing & nail filing! We have samples for you to smell to help you choose which scent is best for you and your fur baby!

Scented Spa Package Scents

"Renew Spa"- White Plum & Peach, "Pure Spa"- Hypoallergenic Aqua De Coco, "Nourish Spa"- Botanical Ginger & Vanilla, Perfect Calm Lavender, Blueberry Bliss, Cucumber Melon, Plum Perfect, Vanilla Silk, Coconut Dream.

Skin Repair Spa


Great for soothing itchy skin! Depending on your dogs skin condition and allergies your groomer will recommend the best shampoo and conditioner for them! Toothbrushing and nail filing is included!

Dead Sea Mud Bath Treatment


Rehydrates and rebuilds the skin and coat. As well as removes toxins in skin.

Teeth Brushing


Plaque can cause bad breath, gum disease, tooth decay and painful infection as well as other health issues! It helps even more if you continue brushing your pet's teeth at home! Ask us for more info!

Ear Cleaning

$5.00 (included with full service bath and groom)

A regular ear cleaning for your dog or cat can decrease the risk of ear infections!

Nail Cutting & Filing

$20.00 ($5.00 extra with full service bath or groom)

In addition to cutting your dogs nails, we can file (dremel) them! This rounds your pups nails so they aren't as sharp! It also gets their nails as short as possible without hurting them!

Nail Trim

$15.00 (included with full service bath or groom)

Your pet's nails should be cut once a month! Come in to the Pet Salon to get your fur baby's nails cut! Long nails can impact the way your pets walks as well as other health issues!

Pet Groomers in Commack NY
Pet Groomers in Commack NY
Pet Groomers in Commack NY


  • We take our Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Charlie & Daisy here, and Gretchen does an absolute phenomenal job! The care, love, and patience given to our dogs is outstanding and greatly appreciated. We have no problem leaving our dogs here because we trust Gretchen with our babies and she always treats them with love and makes them look, feel, and smell gorgeous! I highly recommend bringing your pets here, you won't be disappointed!

    Beth L

  • Samantha was absolutely outstanding. I have a rescue that needs a groomer who is patient and kind. Jack, my cairn terrier, is very unpredictable and could bite. When I went into the salon for the first time. Samantha took her time to get to know jack before the groom and kept me updated throughout the groom. What a great service. He looks like a new dog! Thank you to Samantha and the pet salon. I work in the pet industry and will recommend her to everyone!

    Monica C

  • Gretchen is AMAZING! Always very accommodating. My dog is a little nervous with new people and we had an incident at another groomer where my dog had explosive diarrhea because of nerves. Gretchen was kind enough to let me stay with my dog for his first grooming with her to make sure he was comfortable. He now goes to her every two months and loves her. Highly recommend this salon!!

    Anne M

  • I have been taking my cat to Gretchen for 3 years now and have followed her to the wonderful Pet Salon! Can't say enough about how amazing she is. My cat is sick and I was so worried no one would be able to help. Gretchen always takes her time and is gentle and caring and thorough every time!! I highly recommend.

    Amanda O

  • My four year old cockapoo Chilly loves coming to see Gretchen at The Pet Salon! Chilly is a timid and overly cautious dog but feels right at home under Gretchen's care. She comes home happy and looking beautiful! It is very apparent that Gretchen truly adores all the pets she services and is always sweet and pleasant with us pet owners as well.

    Stacey S